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Boon is an alternative for travel without high commissions and fixed surge pricing. We are changing the dynamics of transportation to improve and provide a better experience for all drivers and passengers with safe, accessible transportation and better profits.

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Always ready to take you to your destination quickly, comfortably and economically. Fixed surge pricing.
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Work at your own pace without high commission fees and receiving more profits.
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Boon offers a variety of vehicles* to meet your daily travel needs. Receive an estimate of the rate before starting. Every type of vehicle is available 7 days a week, and you can schedule a trip for later or travel or ship in an instant on demand.


Comfortable vehicles for four people that provide great value for your money. Enjoy low rates for short trips.


The perfect choice for groups, family trips to the airport, or going out on weekends. Have plenty of space for everyone, even for that extra luggage!


Luxury vehicles with additional space, featuring modern amenities such as leather seats (our luxury models are newer than 5 years). Check out these attractive rates!


Our difference

Driver earns 85% of all trips

El conductor sólo paga una mensualidad de $12

The driver earns 100% of the Wait time fees

You know the destination of each trip before starting it

Geolocation through Google Maps and Waze


Quiero más ganancias y flexibilidad

Quiero ganar más de todos los viajes

Quiero recibir más viajes

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Aplicación gratuita

Sin contratos y sin necesidad de pagar afiliación

Libremente conectado e independiente de otras emisoras

Me siento como

Socio de Flotilla

Tengo al menos 3 vehículos

Quiero ser mi propio jefe

Quiero ser mi propio jefe

Me siento como


Soy un entusiasta del transporte moderno

Quiero financiar el servicio de transporte tecnológico

Quiero ser un inversionista. (hablemos!)

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