Safety Is Our First Concern

Your safety means the most every moment you’re behind the wheel. We strive to make our drivers the safest drivers on the road. Providing safety features within the app, providing feedback, and requiring inspections, as a Boon driver you will have the support and protection you need to stay safe and be successful.

Driver Safety Features

Every driver needs to feel safe and comfortablewhen providing rides to passengers. We make sure everyone has access toessential safety features.

  • Easy, in-ride 911 calling
  • Ability to rate riders
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Driver education
  • Assurance all contact information stays private and protection
  • GPS tracking
  • Phone anonymization
  • Ride matching

Before You Drive

Not all passengers are easy to have in your vehicle. Drivers are able to check arider’s rating before accepting the ride, so you can choose who you work with. Our state-of-the-art geofencing technology keeps you and your passengers from traveling through dangerous areas to make sure you never find yourself somewhere you wouldn’t want to be.

While You Drive

Real time monitoring is provided for every ride. In case you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can always reach out for support to our 24/5 in-ride team by using the support chat within the app.

When The Ride Is Over

You can always reach out to Boon’s dedicated safety and security team with any questions or concerns about a specific ride, occurrence, or comment. We want to make sure you are safe while you drive, but your experience should also be a good one. Boon is here to help.


We ask every rider and driver to rate each other after the ride. This helps us improve, find risk factors, determine unqualified drivers/passengers, and more. These ratings and any comments or concerns are reviewed in real time by our customer support staff.

Identity Protection

All calls made through the app are kept anonymous in order to protect everyone. Phone numbers are replaced with a temporary telephone number, which expires twenty-four hours after the ride is complete.

Emergency Button

Coming soon: In case of emergency, you can contact your emergency contacts with a single click. Our 24 hour support center will automatically be alerted because your safety is our first priority.

Exceeding Local Government Regulations

Every driver must provide verified documentation, pass background checks, and be legally able to drive in the state or country they work in. All vehicles must meet the state or city age requirement or be newer than ten years*, pass initial and yearly inspections.


Contribute with safety ideas. We want to hear from you.

It may go without saying, but emergency situations should first be handled directly with 911 and can be followed up with us after your immediate needs are met. Boon is dedicated to working with all law enforcement agencies in any investigation requests to make sure our riders are safe. By helping law enforcement, we help to keep our riders and community safe. For any more questions, feel free to email us, or contact our Support Center.